Gifted Middle School

Our Recker Campus Gifted Middle School program continues with self-contained gifted classes through the 6th grade. Similar to our Elementary Gifted Program, the courses and curriculum are the same as Mainstream, however, the subject matter and projects are tailored to our Gifted students learning style.

San Tan Charter School’s Middle School experience starts in the 5th grade by offering cross-curricular learning, differentiated small group instruction, exploratory electives, social-emotional experiences, and athletic opportunities.

Gifted students follow the same block schedule as our Mainstream students, changing classrooms and teachers in preparation for secondary school. Based on the Electives chosen, Gifted students may join classes with mainstream students who are also interested in the same Electives.

Our Sample Day highlights our Middle School Block Schedule.

If you feel you have a Gifted student who has yet to be tested for Giftedness, please review our Gifted Information page to learn more about our Gifted Identification Process and Placement.  In addition, see how our Gifted Community is supporting our students, families, and school programs.

Middle School Class Descriptions

Core Classes

Visit our Core Courses to learn more about Middle School Math/Science, Reading/Social Studies, and Writing.

Elective Classes

Visit our Electives to learn more about Technology, Art, Performance, and Athletic Elective offerings at San Tan Charter School.