Elective Course Descriptions

Our San Tan Middle School students are preparing for their secondary school years.  For many Middle Schooler’s, this is their first experience of changing classrooms and having different core subject teachers.  Our Middle School students are not only experiencing educational growth through our project-based curriculum but responsibility growth through changing classrooms, managing the bell schedule, and enjoying the Middle School student union.

One of the biggest changes of being in Middle School is the opportunity to choose an Elective that interests them. We offer a variety of Electives to support academic, artistic, athletic, and performance learning. In addition, students will be assigned a different Exploratory Elective each quarter. The Exploratory Electives are intended to broaden the student experience with various career and educational paths.

Please Note: Elective enrollment and course availability is based on a minimum student enrollment count and available staffing.

Student Choice – One Elective

Career & Technical Education


This course challenges students of all levels to develop higher order problem solving skills by stimulating creativity in a hands-on learning environment. Academic subject disciplines such as applied physics, algebra and geometry powerfully come alive as students design, build and test modern structure and vehicle prototypes. Students acquire 21st century skills through project-based learning.


This class will be an introduction into the world of computer technology. The students will explore relevant and emerging technologies, the role of computers in society, discussion of social and ethical issues related to personal computer. Students will explore careers related to the Information technology field. This includes computer repair, web design and development, software development and video game development.


If you love to take pictures and are interested in learning how to write like a journalist, then this class is for you. Learn more about layout design, photo angles, backgrounds, foregrounds, cropping and action shots. This class will address advanced techniques of retouching and printing of photos in addition to exploring various aesthetic domains such as portraiture, landscape, architecture and documentary photography.

Fine Arts


This course is an introduction to art with the basic elements and principles of design. Students will learn drawing techniques emphasizing line, positive/negative space, perspective, value, texture, lettering, and portrait proportions. Students will also explore studies in color and advanced drawing and painting techniques.


Band provides opportunities for the student to play a wide range of musical forms and styles. Emphasis is placed on improving individual reading and performance skills. This ensemble will prepare and perform concerts each semester, some of which may be other than during school hours. Special concert attire may be worn. A minimum of a half an hour a day of homework practice is required for this course. Students are required to participate in performances and it is a part of their grade.


Through this course, students will develop greater musicianship, proper use of breath support, phrasing, interpretation, postures, stage presence, and the other important musical disciplines. In this class students will study vocal music in the Jazz, Pop, and Swing styles. Students will also learn the art enhancement of the vocal rendition of various works. Choir is appropriate for all abilities and is a fantastic way to step into the art of music!

Physical Education

Physical Education (P.E.)

This class will incorporate some of the many ways to stay active and healthy. Team sports such as baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and more are incorporated. Strength training, 26 flexibility, and cardiovascular improvement are also emphasized. Quarterly Fitness Assessments will be administered to show the yearly progress.

School Choice – Quarterly Rotation

Exploratory Electives

Middle school students get to enjoy a new exploratory each quarter!  Teachers share their expertise and passion in these fun classes, such as marine biology, forensic science, gardening, and career exploration to name a few. Students are randomly assigned to an exploratory wheel to experience a wide variety of avenues for the future.

Some course offerings may be:

  1. Outdoor Environment
  2. Mindfulness & Self-Expression
  3. Forensic Science
  4. Student Skills
  5. Health and Nutrition
  6. Marine Biology
  7. Art History
  8. Community Service