Patrick Lyons

Patrick Lyons

5th Grade ELA and SS Teacher
  • University of Colorado at Denver (MA), University of Northern Iowa (BA)
  • Master's in Education Curriculum & Instruction, Bachelor's in Communications / Journalism
  • (480) 222-0811

My Bio

Hi!  I am Pat Lyons.... I am relatively new to both STCS (August 2020) and to Arizona (October 2019).  I originally grew up as an Iowa farm boy prior to moving to Colorado soon after college.  I have two children - my son (Casey - 34) and my daughter (Megan - 31).  Meg lives in Colorado while Casey lives nearby in Mesa.  My late wife (our children's Mom - Joanie) unfortunately passed away at the age 30 of leukemia (our children were only 3 and 6 years old at the time).

I'm a sports 'junkie' (participate/watch).  I like to shoot hoops, play tennis, play mens and co-ed softball.  I also enjoy hiking, biking, and keeping up with current events. While I have taught at all grade levels (K-12) and with all academic areas, the majority of my experience is in elementary school.  My favorite is the intermediate level 3-5. All students can learn and succeed but not all on the same day in the same way.

Birthday: October 23rd

My Favorite Things

Color(s): Purple

Flower(s):  Tulips

Healthy Snack(s):  Beef Jerky

“Junk Food” Treat(s):  Cheetos / Doritos/ Peanut M & Ms

Drink(s):  Mountain Dew

Scent(s)/Essential Oil(s): Vanilla

Game(s):  Anything 'sports' related...

Sit-Down Restaurant(s):  Red Robin / Texas Road House

Fast Food Restaurant(s): Chick-fil-A

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card:  Office Max/Depot, Any Sporting Goods store

Most used school/office supply:  Visa Vs

What I would really like is:  to win the LOTTO!!! / To be a Grandpa (hmmm  but out of my control)  lol

Heroes:   Kurt Warner

Hobbies:  Hike, bike, sports, camping, current events